Xining city district recently awarded Xiong Zhongbang, Ma Shengxiu and other 11 comrades in the city of outstanding practical talents, the honorary title, awarded the city Bureau of education, "advanced unit of talent" honorary title.

in recent years, the City District of Xining city to create "everyone can be talent, everyone maximize their talents and talents" work atmosphere, has invited Zhenjiang City Jingkou District Four pailou Street secretary, "big things" author Wang Li, provincial propaganda group experts in the area of Suzhou agriculture and active pass precious knowledge to others, the Cadre College of Peking University Beijing Youth Politics College, Shanghai, the prospect of college and many other cutting-edge training institutions to establish a cooperative relationship, promote the talent education and training in the high-end training class. For the first time this year at the Peking University successfully held the leading cadres to enhance the ability of senior seminar, Shanghai Institute for the prospect of leveraging the education system to China western talent development foundation to aid the Queen’s Ark campus safety project ", has become one of the counties of our province and the only western talent development foundation training relationship. (author: Su Zhanlin Jianping)