In order to give the majority of ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) to provide customers with more convenient and quality services, and for the next year, the national ETC networking work to lay a good foundation. The day before, Qinghai province highway electronic toll customer service center operations center will be formally established, for the majority of ETC customers through the green card, recharge, report the loss of business. It is reported that the province currently has 4 Lane Toll Station 8 ETC operation, is expected in November 30th before the opening of 22 toll stations were 43 ETC lanes, then the coverage will reach 50%. As of September 30th, issued a total of 59423 peony green card, electronic tags, traffic volume of up to 268348 vehicles, a total of 48061. Currently, with the China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Qinghai bank, postal savings bank signed a project development agreement. For the convenience of our customers to quickly access, improve the quality and level of highway service, the transport sector in our province for the ETC electronic toll collection business carried out extensive publicity and promotion, to provide more service platform and more convenient service to our customers. Toll station through the service window to the majority of the Secretary of the staff to pay ETC electronic toll collection publicity materials of nearly 100 thousand (book).