8 30, Sinopec Qinghai special merchandise orders will be held in Xining, vice governor Kuang Yong, deputy general manager of Sinopec group Zhang Haichao attended and delivered a speech.

this order would be sponsored by the Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce, the Sinopec of Qinghai petroleum company hosted a total of 26 in Qinghai Province, the characteristics of goods manufacturers and Sinopec group helping their counterparts in poor county — Zeku County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture exhibition, the characteristics of goods involved in traditional agriculture, animal husbandry, handicraft, nearly 600 kinds of wine many. From the Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd., 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and Hongkong petroleum, joint venture company representatives to participate in the exchange of business events.

Kuang Yong pointed out that the order is an important measure to implement the Qinghai provincial government and the Sinopec signed the "Qinghai Provincial People’s government and the China Petrochemical Corp memorandum of cooperation", aims to help the Sinopec in the national sales network platform, Qinghai famous special products recommend out, let more consumers know and understand Qinghai, Qinghai, Qinghai cognitive Qinghai specialty products, improve the visibility and competitiveness, to boost the economic development of Qinghai, deepen enterprise cooperation, promote Qinghai resources of far-reaching significance.

through pre preparation and on-site orders, as of now, this order will be signed an order amount of 183 million yuan. The relevant production companies in the province said it would take this order as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Sinopec group, and constantly improve the market share and reputation of Qinghai specialty goods.