With the implementation of the country to speed up the Silk Road Economic Belt construction, opening to the West and a series of important strategies, Xining tourism development ushered in an important strategic opportunity. Xining tourism ushered in four major development opportunities." 2016, the city’s tourism work conference, vice mayor Tong Wang Xining tourism is full of confidence in the future.

Tong Wang pointed out that the four major opportunities for the development of tourism in Xining is the Silk Road Economic Zone strategic opportunities. The most dynamic Xining as the ancient Silk Road and the Tangfangudao City, is an important node and the base of China’s opening to the west, as the ancient Silk Road trade, culture must pass through, is conducive to the further deepening of the opening up of Xining, accelerate the development of open economy and the export-oriented economy.

two is a strategic opportunity to promote tourism development. In recent years, countries continue to increase the tourism industry policy guidance, issued a series of policies from the state to the provincial and city, established the "13th Five-Year" during the Xining tourism development goals, tasks and priorities, an important starting point to clear the Xining tourism industry as an important engine, the steady growth of the important breakthrough, adjust the structure of the people’s livelihood the important strategic position highlights the tourism industry in the national economy and social development, put forward to build "target Silk Road Economic Belt international tourism city, tourism distribution center area Chinese West and Qinghai Tibet plateau tourism service base", "13th Five-Year" period will be the development of Xining tourism industry policy golden opportunity period.

three is a big traffic opportunity. "13th Five-Year" period, Xining will usher in the big traffic support outreach opportunities. The new high-speed rail line opened in Xining has entered the era of high-speed rail, railway, the West into a high-speed rail grid library, Qinghai Yunnan Railway under construction, "one of the eight auxiliary" aviation system in an orderly way, the Xining Golmud expressway will be opened, the city ring seven shot highway network construction is accelerating, in addition and around the smooth Xining three year plan, the full implementation of the 6 special action, 94 "inner network" road is under construction, "city backbone system of four horizontal and fifteen vertical part of the" big traffic pattern gradually formed, will further consolidate Xining tourism center city status.

four is tourism consumption and investment opportunities. In recent years, new products and new forms of tourism consumption and tourism investment emerge in an endless stream, it is showing new features: industry agglomeration, sightseeing, leisure, vacation, shopping, entertainment, experience and other functions as one of the tourist complex more and more, to meet the multi-level and diversified tourism demand, comprehensive tourism the emergence of a large number of clusters.