yesterday, most areas of the province, the sky is clear, bright and sunny Angel temperature has also increased significantly, which is the spring of Xining is infinitely good, the highest temperature rose to 25.2 degrees C. However, the early spring cold air activity in the plateau area, from today, the province will appear in some areas of precipitation.

April 16th, Xining, the highest temperature of 22.3 degrees, the highest temperature of 25.2 degrees in April 17th, Xining, for two consecutive days, the maximum temperature exceeded 20 degrees Celsius, so awesome weather, let people see the street lady could not withstand the warm sun of spring "temptation", have put on a skirt, a skirt is flying between the streets of Xining. As in early summer. However, the reporter also learned that Xining has the highest temperature, the lowest temperature "vault" is still low, the minimum temperature of 17 days only minus 2.5 degrees, the minimum temperature of 16 to minus 1.8 degrees, the minimum temperature of 15 to minus 1.3 degrees, the temperature difference between day and night above the 3 day at 19 DEG C "early afternoon wearing cotton padded jacket, wearing yarn in the weather, to remind the public to go out should always pay attention to add clothes.

the next three days, the Xining sun is still awesome, the provincial meteorological observatory chief meteorological captain Han Youcai said, with the cold air entering into the Xining, is expected today there will be showers, specific forecast: April 17th to April 18th at night during the day, Yushu, northern Huangnan, southern Hainan, Haidong rain (snow) or rain (snow), the rest of the province cloudy to sunny or cloudy days; the night of April 18th to the April 19th day, Haixi and Haibei overcast to cloudy, the rest of the province with light rain (snow or sleet); the night of April 19th to April 20th in Southern Yushu during the day, rain and snow to drizzle, sunny or cloudy the rest of the province. (author: Rong Lijun)