10 21, another important investment fund in our province – Qinghai province transportation industry development fund came into being. Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong, deputy governor of the joint fund for the establishment of the opening of the fund, Han Jianhua.

The fund for the development of transportation industry in Qinghai province

co sponsored by the provincial transportation department, the Provincial Department of finance, adopt the principle of limited partnership mode of operation, the total size of the program is 300-500 billion yuan, jointly set up by financial capital and other social capital. "This is our province transportation first lawfully established large industrial investment fund, it fully leveraging the role of financial funds, financing, investment and financing for future industrial development will play a role model and guide innovation." The Provincial Department of transportation director Xiao Magee said.

it is understood that since 12th Five-Year, the province at all levels of the transport sector closely around the Ministry of transport and the provincial government strategic decision to deploy, complete the transportation investment in fixed assets 110 billion 900 million yuan, compared with 11th Five-Year doubled, the successful completion of the "12th Five-Year" planning objectives and tasks. "13th Five-Year" period, in accordance with the overall deployment of the Ministry of transport "three, three, two, two drop coverage to enhance the target system and the provincial government of the Qing government, plans to complete the transportation investment in fixed assets 200 billion yuan, than the" 12th Five-Year "target of doubling, with average annual growth rate of 15%. Broad prospects and huge financing space.