From "after the first Chang and improve" into "the overall technical standards", "13th Five-Year" during the transportation sector in our province will make great efforts to tackle the remaining Poor Village Township, rural highway unobstructed project, greatly improve the smooth engineering technical standards and investment subsidies, improve the overall quality of construction projects. The plan by the end of 2018, to achieve the province’s 100% Township 100% administrative villages patency, oil, 100% bus to the village, the villagers out of poverty well-off road go faster and more stable.

after years of efforts, by the end of 2015, the six mountain area of our province and Tibet highway mileage will reach 73 thousand km, but overall there is still insufficient degree of rural highway coverage problem, low technological level, lack of bridge culvert, less safety facilities are not in place; there are two Yushu and Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and 6 townships the 611 villages are not smooth.

"will never let any one place due to the traffic problems in rural areas off the road". In accordance with the precise poverty, precise poverty ", the Provincial Department of transportation made" Qinghai province traffic planning precise poverty (2016 – 2018) "," three years of concentrated poverty, a year to consolidate and promote the idea of arranging transportation to ensure smooth project Township poverty alleviation projects, with 3 years to build the impoverished village patency; the project with 1 to 2 years to build, not smooth of 384 non impoverished villages, plans to use 3 years to complete.

The remaining

due to realize the vast majority of administrative villages in Huangnan, Yushu, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in three (72% of the total, poor village mileage accounted for 80%), construction conditions, construction of long mileage, snow disaster, ecological vulnerability and other difficulties. The provincial transportation department in accordance with the local conditions, the distinction, classification guide, pragmatic principles, adopt cement pavement and gravel pavement smooth implementation of the project, and for the smooth implementation of the project in accordance with the impoverished village gravel pavement, plan each village 3 km village road hardening pre. At the same time, the Department has also identified the smooth engineering new technology standard and the difference of the subsidy policy, such as pavement subgrade, gravel pavement width reached 6.5 meters, 6 meters, unified investment subsidies for 200 thousand yuan per kilometer, more than doubled in the past.

up to now, the Provincial Department of transportation has arranged this year’s rural transportation poverty alleviation project 208, the total mileage of 5800 km, with a total investment of $1 billion 400 million, is expected to start construction in mid April. In addition, the year will be the construction of the Qidong highway to Nagqu (dari to Yushu), zadoi county to chawula highway, Zhidoi county to two channel Station Road, Maduo County to color I Ditch Road, a total of 1158 kilometers of the road after the completion of our province township will achieve 100% smooth.