Migration is one of the important supporting measures for poverty alleviation and development in the new stage. It is a livelihood project to solve the survival and development of the people in poor areas. Reporters from the city of agriculture and animal husbandry department was informed that this year, Xining city for the relocation of poverty alleviation funds 67 million 990 thousand yuan, the implementation of the pilot project to resettle 17, tens of thousands living in poor conditions or threatened by geological disasters in the poor population, will be relocated to the convenient transportation, public facilities, flat potential good area.

this year, the city of Xining in Heping County, Gaoling small village, Datong County, good governance, such as the implementation of the village of rural poverty relief pilot project, the benefit of the poor have 2532, 10785. The number of projects implemented this year than in 2011, an increase of 189%, an increase of investment of $279% to support the poor population increased by 6805. Project and strive to basically completed during the year, so that the relocation of households as soon as possible.

to follow up development easily catch poverty relocation projects, encourage the relocation of poor people to increase revenue through a variety of management methods, Xining city peaceful small rural village of Gaoling granite processing base 4 to resettle the subsequent industrial projects, the implementation of poverty alleviation funds to support 9 million 890 thousand yuan, 1298 households, 5859 people through the granite processing, dairy cattle breeding and fattening beef cattle production projects to increase income. At the same time, but also the implementation of the provincial poor households to be relocated business loan interest subsidy project funds 700 thousand yuan, interest subsidies on entrepreneurship for nearly two years of poor households to be relocated, the development of production, to promote the relocation of farmers to improve the ability of development, the early realization of poverty. (author: Xiao Yan)