In May 31st, the Xining City District Education Bureau, North District Women’s Federation and other 4 units jointly organized the "love of preschool children" donation ceremony, held in Chaoyang District north of the city square. North District government, the District Board of education set up a special award to fill 1 million 200 thousand yuan of funds to support and reward the Northern District Private pre-school education, designed to encourage and recognize the power of social school.

it is understood that the donation is the largest support to the north of the city over the past year, a total of 40 private kindergartens to support. Key to support it wave Village, Wu Zhongcun, B its village, Zhu Village 5 Rural Kindergartens, and to each kindergarten issued $100 thousand support fund.

in recent years, the number of North District kindergarten and kindergarten level increase, the emergence of a large number of social, reflecting the good teaching quality excellent kindergarten. At the same time, on the basis of expanding the quality resources of rural preschool education, the city of North China has made great efforts to construct the pattern of "government led, social participation, public run by the people". (author: Fan Chengcheng)