Xining City, the same level of medical insurance workers resettlement personnel currently has 7168 people, mostly older, higher incidence of retirees, the distribution of its regional distribution is very wide, almost all over the provinces

Xining city health workers at the same level of resettlement staff currently has 7168 people, mostly older, higher incidence of retirees, the settlement area is widely distributed, almost all over the provinces. At the same time, due to the limitations of our province the level of medical technology and medical equipment, treatment of more personnel transferred from outside the province, Xining city every year in the number of health care workers to treatment out of about 500 people, the workload of manual reimbursement increases. Medical bills around the place is not uniform, there are differences in the health insurance policy, medical bills reimbursement reimbursement manual management is difficult. This year, in the strengthening of the two set of medical institutions, while the management, I stepped up the transfer of medical treatment, placement of medical personnel in different places manual reimbursement manual audit. In the audit process we must check the medical expenses reimbursement data in the treatment of identity information and billing information of doubtful personnel of medical expenses, that is issued by the investigation letter or telephone to the local health departments and hospitals to contact the real case to verify the treatment and settlement of medical expenses.

in the first half, manual reimbursement of 1705 passengers, spending $15 million 812 thousand and 600, the monthly settlement of fixed-point medical institutions, designated retail pharmacies to pay the cost of 1708 times, through a strict audit refused medical expenses of more than 10 yuan. Through the transfer of medical records, contact with doctors and other methods to verify the effective control of the scope of medical insurance will not be included in the scope of medical insurance reimbursement, to prevent the loss of health insurance funds. The cost of the audit work in an orderly and efficient manner to ensure that the insured patients and two institutions to advance the timely payment of fees.