no longer cross flow of sewage, white trash will no longer be scattered around, the village garbage all unified collection, centralized treatment, which is the result of the rural environment contiguous remediation in recent years. In April 18th, the town Baoziwan 18 million yuan investment in the north area of 4004 villagers have their own bins, after everyone minding, contracted to households, Baoziwan village had 9 garbage everywhere, mosquitoes flying phenomenon will be gone for ever.

according to reports, last year the city district environmental protection departments actively, make the rural contiguous remediation project located in the north, combined with the Huangshui River Basin water pollution control, agricultural pollution reduction, the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment, effectively promote the environmental protection work in rural areas at present, respectively, to 9 administrative village Baoziwan Zhen Jin Jia Wan, Xiao Yan now, the wave, Baoziwan, Zhu Nan, Zhu north, 4004 villagers issued 4862 trash, 9 car four wheel dump truck, 16 pit type garbage bucket, 6 garbage trucks and 18 sets of cleaning tools. In addition, Yan small, two villages in the town of Tianjin sewage pipe network will be put into use during the year. (author: Fang Xu)