16 reporters from the Qinghai Tibet railway company to Xining Railway Station project headquarters was informed that with second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Urumqi to Hami section was put into operation, Qinghai section of the line has not been opened into the signal system commissioning stage, the 25 day trial operation after the end of the Lan Xintie road second double line will be officially opened.

"second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway will accelerate the Tibetan Plateau into the" Silk Road Economic Belt ", opened up a connection of the Eurasian Continental Bridge channel for them." Xining customs staff Wei Xiaojun said that in the future will further enhance the degree of openness of the Tibetan Plateau, animal husbandry, Tibetan carpets, ethnic costumes and other plateau characteristics of the product will be lower transportation costs through Central Asia, europe.