mediation of medical disputes to prevent medical disputes intensified;

through the mediation work of laws and regulations, regulations and medical knowledge, to guide both parties in accordance with the facts and the law to solve the dispute;

provide consultation and other services to patients and their families or medical institutions;


with the economic and social development, the current medical disputes are prone, multiple, difficult to dispose of, and so on, improper disposal will seriously affect the normal medical order. Medical disputes in District People’s mediation committee was formally founded in November 6, 2014, the third party mediation platform is independent of the patient, the medical and health administrative departments, is non litigation to resolve the "lump".

at present, there are various types of medical institutions within the jurisdiction of more than 130, among them, the provincial 5 hospitals, 3 municipal hospitals, 6 private hospitals, 2 maternal and child health care institutions, disease prevention institutions 1, outpatient department and 3 community health service center 6, 2 township hospitals, community health service station 32, take public health administrative village health room 33, Clinic (including the general village health room) 43.

protection of medical disputes disposal fair legal

City District Medical Committee tune is full support in the province, city, District, city of the Central Bureau of Justice approved the establishment of the independent professional medical dispute mediation mechanism, free consultation, free, free to accept the mediation work.

Medical Committee is a mass organization to mediate medical disputes, which belongs to the third party mediation institution outside the hospital and the patient. Medical committee appointed a variety of clinical experts and legal experts to form 15 medical experts and legal experts library, to provide professional guidance to assist the medical committee, according to law, regulate mediation. The chairman of the mediation committee shall be composed of retired judicial cadres who have the experience of mediation, and the retired personnel who have rich experience in mediation and medical knowledge shall be responsible for the daily work of the commission. Formulated the "Medical Committee tune", "responsibility", "the principle of mediation scope," "work flow" and other related work system, the medical work can follow the principle of equality, voluntary, lawful and reasonable litigious right "to carry out, in order to ensure the disposal of medical disputes process and results of the justice and legitimacy.

mediator to resolve disputes between doctors and patients


] in the mediation mediation review due to improper operation in patients with anemia with abortion after surgery, the patient presented for medicine, nutrition fees 50 thousand yuan of medical disputes, the medical committee tune in to the patient’s request for mediation in a timely manner with the responsible person to contact, understand and inform the mediation procedures, medical consultation visits experts, Internet access case, made full preparations for mediation, both parties agree to mediation in the case according to the law of mediation.

there are two cases of medical disputes: a patient due to pharyngeal minister a lump in hospital;