for the city health education instructors members master health education communication skills, improve health education ability, and combined with the notice of the Xining municipal Patriotic Health Campaign Committee issued the "Xining city to carry out the thirteenth" national health city construction day "work programme", earnestly to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, infectious disease prevention and control knowledge propaganda everyone health "as the theme, into the community, into the unit, into factories, into the school activities, give full play to the role of health education instructors of this platform, conscientiously do a good job of prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, the health research of educational instructors leading group decided in November 19, 2010 held in our city health education team member training instructor. The training class, chaired by the deputy director of health education by Comrade Wang Chenglian, attended the training director Comrade Wang Dengting City Health Bureau disease control, health education in three counties and four districts of the lecturers and staff members participated in the training class.
the training to achieve the desired effect of training, health education instructors team to understand and master the basic knowledge and method of speech, improve their speech level, we think this kind of training mode, forms a very good effect.