want to succeed in business, we need to take what kind of business skills? This is the concern of many people. Danjiangkou city is one of many tourist attractions, beautiful mountain city, in recent years combined with the effect of water diversion project of the great, let more people to know, the former more remote occlusion of the county town, now hull: spacious road, high-rise buildings, zigzag "one river two sides" with the landscape, like a colorful jade inlaid in the Hanjiang River, tourists come to town boiling, more to the town to bring unlimited business opportunities.

in the morning I opened the door, a bus of tourists in Jiangsu Tourism Company bus, on the road stopped, tired tourists gradually into the street snack shop. A middle-aged man carrying a bag of travel came over: "what kind of products do you have?" Yes, Chu Feng is! Small size, deep meaning, but also easy to carry!" I quickly replied enthusiastically. "Cigarettes are specialty!" The visitor asked in surprise. Of course, you don’t look down on the cigarette factory in Wuhan, is a flavor of the products of the Chu culture!" So we Shenkan up:

1: cigarettes you know because of the special supply policy, resulting in a strong sense of local brand protection, you can not buy this home in the smoke, the goods in order to dilute it! Is it enough to make you face?

two: Hubei province since ancient times known as’ Jingchu earth ‘, a long history of origin. Cigarette box on the big ‘Chu Feng’ two words, visual identity card, as the way to understand the origin of this cigarette. You travel to Hubei is not to enjoy the mountains and rivers, beauty, as well as the understanding of Hubei once brilliant? It doesn’t suit you! Go home with relatives and friends, handed him a: "yo! Jingchu specialty!" Pride is self-evident!

three: in particular, the ‘Chu’ word, more like a mysterious maze, twists and turns, of ancient flavor, I am afraid there are a lot of young people really can not recognize what the word –

in this way, inadvertently will introduce the characteristics of cigarettes out of this culture, and this product is attractive, often with its culture is also a great relationship. A warm Shenkan, tourists handed the three "Chu wind" into the bag: "go home I also show off, a trip to Hubei!" This is a business deal in our Shenkan transaction, "it seems many words are more" is not all right!

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