said the old brand dumplings investment who can match the strength of veteran dumpling brand investment? Dumpling has a history of 170 years. Eight years Qing Dynasty, Hebei Hejian Fu Ren Qiuxian Bian Jia Zhuang, a side blessing to make a living in Shenyang, in a small ferry bridge trestle, side room, dumpling restaurant. Because the meat stuffing dumpling house edge are stir off, so called stir dumplings to master surname edge, so people are accustomed to call the old house of dumplings. The elaborate, unique flavor, dumpling fame, has opened three branches in Shenyang, by the side of descendant — edge edge edge jump, righteousness, Lin three brothers business. Today, dumpling has been in Liaoning Shenyang, Anshan, Beijing, Henan, Anyang and the United States, Japan and other places to open a number of retail chains and food factory.

dumpling to need how many money? See the following details:

dumpling is thin filling large, fresh and delicious taste and rich not greasy, easily chew and well-known, far and near. A table feast dumplings, steamed, boiled, baked, and fried and other cooking methods, tremella stuffing, stuffing, stuffing, letinous edodes seaweed shrimp filling taste different. The most surprising is the "Royal Dragon pot small dumplings dumplings:" head like thumb size, a blue flame hold dragon antique pot, small dumplings in the boiling soup if you long paddle, it is good to hear or see. Is a very good brand, so dumpling jiamengfei

how much?

dumpling jiamengfei:

first, join the cost of

1, join fee: 12 thousand yuan;

2, the meaning of the franchise fee refers to a number of franchise stores operators through the guidance of the headquarters of the same chain operating a chain of stores.

3, the pay jiamingfei constraints and enjoy the treatment of Brand Company and the franchisee in the contract as a major link, the franchisee must be y in accordance with the provisions of the headquarters of the leader of a series of operations, have no autonomy in management. Headquarters of compulsory education to join the cause of information, knowledge, technology and a set of operating system, and awarded the franchise to use the name, trade names, trademarks, service marks and other areas of the monopoly right to use, and during the contract period of continuous operating guidance.

two, brand usage fee

1, brand use fee: 14 thousand yuan; (one-time payment, lifelong use, the company is no longer charged by the year); the company’s trademark will be used to provide value-added tax invoices to show formal.

2, the use of the brand is to show that the franchisee is allowed to use its brand to operate its stores and sell goods to allow the use of the general public