during the Spring Festival, so a touching thing happened to a mental disease hospital of Qinhuangdao City, at the critical moment in patients with mental disorders with a more than and 20 cm long fruit knife rushed over to the Hebei Province, Qinhuangdao city mental health center nurse Hao Ran dragon without hesitation, rushed forward with tightly, 4 knife in the body, he did not step back. Let more people pay attention to the 90 Hao Ran righteousness, have for the young point praise.

1 31 is the lunar new year, more than 4 o’clock in the afternoon, long Hao Ran just value class, is preparing to return home and family reunion. At this time, a woman called for help, said his brother suffering from mental illness, the family has locked him at home, in urgent need of help. After listening to the Dragon Hao Ran, just off the white coat and put on: "I go with you."

long Hao Ran and 3 colleagues and the police arrived at the patient’s home, the patient’s sister just opened the door, see manic patients with a fruit knife rushed over to the. My sister is standing in the front of the patients, followed by long Hao Ran pushed her away, had to hold a knife into the patients, patients with abdominal dragon Hao Ran.

Hao Ran didn’t flinch, trying to control him." Colleague Li Aidong recalls, "if it wasn’t for Hao Ran to block the patient, the patient’s sister would have been hurt and the others were very dangerous."." All patients will force control, quickly put on bloodshed dragon Hao Ran rushed to the hospital.

operation for more than 5 hours, long Hao Ran finally pulled back from the death line. "His chest and abdomen 4 stab wounds, one knife almost tied to the abdominal aorta, another knife was tied to the inferior vena cava, the two if it is tied to the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Competent physician Liu Jian long Hao Ran said, he was out of danger, but there are still some infection, intestinal fistula, postoperative complications and risk.

young man’s heroic act by the general public praise, although he is now seriously injured, get more people praise, praise of the mailbox, there are often family members of patients praised the "big man": he always adhere to the day or night, seriously, warm and thoughtful service for patients, nursing, emergency treatment the event, to ensure that the patient and the medical staff’s personal safety.

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