as long as the food delicious, will not easily be buried, because can not underestimate the power of a Chinese chowhound. In many of the snacks in Taiwan snacks is the best word of mouth, but there are a lot of Taiwan snack brands, choose what brand is better? Xiao Bian here for you to recommend the buoyancy forest cake.

2000 in December, the Taiwan Xin long Food Co., Ltd. investment in Hangzhou Xin long Food Co., Ltd. was formally established, the main bakery, bakery and other bakery products, the company’s registered trademark of the product for the FreeMori. After nearly eight years of painstaking efforts, the brand has become synonymous with fine baked culture.

buoyancy forest cake join conditions are what

buoyancy forest as pioneer promotion and exquisite European bread baked pastry, hope through our understanding of consumers from different countries and unique culture with "bread pastry, delicate, natural and healthy" for the purpose of insist not to sell overnight taste has poor bread, and the introduction of professional and technical production all genuine desserts, cakes.

2002 in May, opened the first store buoyancy forest, buoyancy forest Ping Hai headquarters in the sea level on the road. 6 years ago, there were already 33 homes in Hangzhou. Moreover, the buoyancy forest Chengdu branch has also been established, and out of 6 cities.

to expand the consumer market, has brought development opportunities and stability, the buoyancy of the forest has a wide popularity, is a well known brand, can let you store easily get a stable source, join the buoyancy forest cake, you will reap more brilliant prospects.

buoyancy forest cake join conditions:

1, 18 years of age or more Chinese citizens or international friends;

2, have a certain financial strength;

3, agree with "buoyancy forest" brand culture and business model;

4, there is a certain social contacts in the local and the industry have a preliminary understanding of

5, have enough time and energy to deal with the requirements of brand management.

The above is the simple introduction of

buoyancy forest cake join conditions, if you meet the conditions for joining, and want to join the buoyancy forest cake ideas, please give us a message on our website below, see the message after the first time we will reply you.