garment industry market prospects, now women love buy fashion clothing, drive the development of the clothing market, clothing stores in clothing, update speed, last year was a popular style, this year may become unsalable goods, so there will be the inventory situation. For the entire garment industry, excessive inventory has become a serious problem affecting the development of the industry. So, how can we keep up with the increase in the inventory of clothing stores, in addition to the sale sale we mentioned earlier, there is no other effective way?

transfer goods timely and wholesalers

variety of business off-season

"clothes into 35 yuan, 25 yuan to sell today." August hasn’t arrived, Chen Juan’s clothing stores began early in the season, a large warehouse dumped goods, she said, would rather lose money, not Yahuo, this is an off-season clothing sales principle. The operation of the fund is mainly sold monthly money, if the goods are suppressed, up to two months to support the. Dumped goods mainly in order to protect the rent, after two or three months, adhere to the peak season. Chen Juan’s clothing stores in order to prevent the goods, not at the end of the season is no longer in seasonal goods, smart clothing franchise she would secretly "face" at this time, to those season products.

when the existing sales channels is not enough, unable to digest inventory, can consider the target consumer groups, other forms of open sales channels. Now there are some companies specializing in the acquisition of inventory products, set up a professional store inventory sales, clothing store operators can also consider cooperation with these companies.

With the stock exchange