for the enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, creating youth this venture contest they will not miss, then, hurry up to learn more about it! The following is about the creation of youth, Shandong University of Science and Technology college students entrepreneurship contest final defense notice.

the campus youth league, the Youth League of College:

A, final time: 3    22  on the morning of 8:30

two, the final defense location: No. J14 building 519 room

waiting place: J14 building 523 room

three, the final scene reply form, includes two aspects: the scene statement and asked the defense. Order to determine the order of the scene. The player who took the stage to answer the request 3  less than 1 speakers, others can be supplemented according to the needs and division of the team. The scoring criteria are as follows:   1, the site statement (40 ).

2, on-site debate (40  points). Have an accurate understanding of the problem points of the judges’s answer, targeted; can quickly organize ideas in question after the answer, clear answer coherence; authenticity; especially pointed out that the judges can make a full description and explanation, asked the defense time less than 5 minutes.

3, overall performance (20  score). Statements and answers to the question of the overall agreement, clear language; team members can be very good coordination, cooperation, complement each other, to clarify the issues related to the field.