although the economy developed quickly, but the exchanges between people but did not increase much when everyone is dependent on the number of chat software, in life no matter between people or the exchange of business is relatively less. "1, 2, 3, eggplant!" Recently, rooted in the old industrial area of the lake 25 companies set up a new home, co founded the creative industrial park development council. At the inaugural ceremony, the family together in the United States and the United States and the United States and the space of the boiler cafe, took the first photo of the family, stop this special moment.

from the neighbor family, heaven and earth into Lianfa Group Development Company Limited, xinhee Garment Co. Ltd. and other 25 family members have a common goal: that is, with the help of the Council to build this platform, a collection of cohesion and innovation, transformation and upgrading of new level engine is ignited by the creative spark, to build the park tomorrow. In this process, the Lake Street through visits to enterprises, ningxinjuli, convene a meeting of the owners to discuss how to achieve win-win situation, driven by more and more enterprises and owners to join them, promote emerged Council for the development of Creative Industry Park construction.

The development of Creative Industry Park and lake

Council, pulling more people focus in the old industrial area, here is the Xiamen special economic zone is the first piece of the burning passion of the land, it is waiting for the renewal of urban industrial transformation and a profound. This year, the lake district government to co-ordinate the overall situation, combing the area "what, what to do, how to do" ideas, and formulate the development strategy of "1+2+4+N", which in the old industrial district to undertake new transformation of the mission, will be transformed into a diversified, creative and tourism as the guiding function of the compound "creative industry park".

in the old industrial area west of long shore road, South Yibin Road, East Road, north to Yue Hua Lu Hua, a total of 1.5 square kilometers. At present, in this piece of land on the lake area in accordance with the "government led, the parties involved in the" train of thought, to start the construction of Creative Industry Park: gorgeous curtain MediaTek space, architectural design the cultural and creative park, Wenchuang port, Haixi Lianfa industrial design center and a number of Creative Park emerged, attracting China culture media group heavyweight enterprises; the Lake District belonged to state-owned enterprises and Lianfa group cooperation established company will soon meet with you, it takes up the important task of the whole park operators; improve the area of public facilities construction, build a comprehensive and creative community.

Lake Creative Industrial Park, from neighbors to become family members, strengthen exchanges between enterprises, for enterprises to grasp the current situation to develop their own, is a very useful thing. Daring Ganpin, pilot, is the people always uphold the spirit of struggle." Huli District, the relevant responsible person said, this spirit will continue to the birthplace of the new round of the construction of the SAR, so here gradually developed into a distinctive Xiamen, with charm, taste of the new city.

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