entrepreneurship should choose what kind of project, has been a lot of entrepreneurs are very concerned about. Now, the choice of the franchise is a lot of entrepreneurs, it is a lot of people think it is a good way, then, the chain should understand what is important?

some chain that chain operation is the first to build a successful model shop, and then stop in bulk copy. Such thinking is mistaken in the chain management process is too simplistic. The biggest advantage lies in the chain of replication, the biggest trap is also copied.

especially different for domestic and international market, there is a big difference, there are also very different in different areas, should be careful. A lot of domestic chain enterprises, in the process of replication in Waterloo was simple". For example, the famous Quanjude, several South replication failures, and finally had to shrink the front.

and the "copy" and with "unity": unified procurement, unified distribution, unified identity, unified marketing strategy, unified price, unified accounting etc.. The concept of "unity" has greatly hindered the development of chain enterprises.

for general franchise enterprises, should also have the spirit, also want to know what you need, there should be a certain goal as the direction of the struggle, and not let it be. Even the chain, there will be not easy to imitate the evil, the success of any enterprise are the existence of such a phenomenon, are worthy of attention to join, so when a shortcut to strengthen their own practice, let her join enterprises do better.