for inexperienced entrepreneurs, when looking for the project is very important, your choice, determines your future career path smoothly, you know, than to choose, choose the items in the entire visible entrepreneurship entrepreneurial process plays a key role! A slip into eternal regret, in order to avoid the risk of the future, today we come to a simple understanding of: how to choose the project? What are the pitfalls of entrepreneurial options?

1: registered legal nature of the


if the registered project legal party organization but not a natural person, it is recommended that investors must not blindly enter, it is very likely to be cheated, because the natural person in terms of registered capital or registered conditions are very loose, in other words, you cheated, the business sector is not good for your rights.

There is great difference in the

many scammers use private account money, in the complaint after being seized police, often because the agency account no money, often deceived into wins not lose money woes.

business model

now many projects have claimed to have dozens or even hundreds of stores, seemingly huge, rich experience. But Xiao Bian here to tell investors that these do not count, investors must confirm whether the project has 20 stores, if not enough, it is recommended not to easily enter. One is that 20 is the national regulations, all required, basically have the record in the China Franchise Association, once a dispute, it is two investors; if an enterprise, even the 20 stores are not recommended by the business