now society is in a highly innovative period, major colleges and universities are actively change their teaching strategies, to provide a series of entrepreneurial guidance, for many college students, university campus curriculum is business oriented.

before we talked about the University, in addition to let children learn more knowledge, but also hope that the children after graduation to find a good job, "entrepreneurship" for college students may feel a little deviant". But with the continuous development of market economy, Ma Yun, Zong Qinghou and other figures rise, coupled with the Zhejiang market good soil, now the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of students is rising year after year.

1 years before the graduation of entrepreneurial learning culture

"opinions" put forward by the end of March 2016, the province’s colleges and universities (including independent college) in addition to police and other special types of colleges and universities, widely established business school, and improve the management system and operation mechanism.

these new education model should be how to understand? The Provincial Education Department of Higher Education Department official said, in fact, is to have the entrepreneurial intention of students, in two years, completed three years of undergraduate college after learning into business college students focus on learning culture, "in the first 2 years or 3 years scattered in the school, for the last 1 years, and then focused on entrepreneurship School of learning."

"small business" can replace the   graduation design; students can retain the school school of innovation and entrepreneurship