In fact,

for the majority of the rural entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the process of timely grasp of some rural business information is particularly important, especially under the background of such a period of time, and now the whole rural areas also ushered in the development of Internet plus ".

5 7, the State Council issued the opinions to encourage agricultural enterprises to develop e-commerce

5 7 July, the State Council promulgated the "on promoting the development of electronic commerce to accelerate the cultivation of new economic power views", stressed the need to actively develop the rural e-commerce, and encourage agricultural production enterprises to develop electronic business.

"opinions" put forward, to strengthen the Internet and agriculture and rural integration development, the introduction of industrial chain, value chain, supply chain and other modern management ideas and methods, research to promote the development of rural e-commerce development, support the introduction of policy measures.


5 14 in the national rural e-commerce site meeting, the Ministry of finance by the director Kenji Wu Xiangyun said that in 2015 the central government arranged 2 billion special funds to support the development of rural e-commerce, e-commerce to benefit a wider and more rural residents in the midwest.

5 15, the Ministry of Commerce: try to solve the "

two bottlenecks Internet plus circulation"

5 15 July, the Ministry of commerce regular press conference, spokesman Shen Danyang said, "Internet plus circulation" is a special action plan formulated by the Ministry of Commerce, "two bottlenecks Internet plus circulation" to find ways to solve. A business is to solve the "last mile" problem, we in the small and medium-sized city and rural electricity supplier to develop actively, to improve its express delivery, logistics warehousing and other infrastructure, and to encourage the construction of business enterprise to create overseas overseas warehouse logistics system. The two is to break the electricity supplier, the last one hundred meters of the bottleneck, such as encouraging electricity providers into the community, promote online and offline interaction, innovation and service livelihood, etc..   (Zhong Xin)

from the elements of agricultural production, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs, seeds and other agricultural products is, most varieties can be standardized, with multiple purchases, for the electricity supplier sales model. In the context of the rapid penetration of the Internet and favorable policies to support the background, the basis for the development of agricultural electricity supplier is ripe, the trend of agricultural electricity supplier has formed. China’s traditional agricultural circulation system is ushering in the subversion and transformation of the Internet, to enter the golden period of accelerated transformation and innovation and development.