modern life in spite of the taxi in the market plays an inestimable role, but because of the huge market demand, in many cases there will still be in short supply. Recently, Fujian Province issued opinions to regulate online booking taxi development, put forward to the network about cars do not implement the quantity control, strengthen the government supervision platform, management platform of vehicle and driver management mode ". At the same time, the Provincial Communications Department and other seven departments have jointly issued the implementation of the "Interim Measures for the management of network booking taxi service management" opinions. Two documents on the network of Fujian province about car management made provisions.

opinion requirements, the Department of transportation to develop a sound network about the driver’s examination and examination of the basic question bank, to the public, and to further simplify the assessment link, shorten the waiting time for the exam. This means that our province about the car driver or need to take the appropriate test. Network about the driver of the car to test the mount guard, how do you see, the reporter visited.


will make passengers more secure

Fuzhou netizen Ling is a frequent flyer about the car. She said, his work place in the 54 Road, often encounter taxi taxi rejection, and about the car just a little ahead of time to make an appointment, generally able to hit the car, sometimes also hit. "Linda said, compared with the traditional taxi driver, the driver about network service attitude is really good, but the driving skills and familiar with the road conditions, there is still a gap between the most about car drivers. Xiao Ling told reporters that he was about to ride a car to a place, the driver is not familiar with the road, 20 minutes away from the open for nearly an hour.

many users and Xiao Ling has a similar tucao. Friends Elvis told reporters that he had a car ride around the net, but also encountered a driver while driving a video chat, feel safe driving awareness is not enough. After getting off, he decisively complained.

and about the network about the car driver will undergo training exam posts, many netizens agree. Netizen "Spanish" said: "to improve the network about the car driver’s threshold, so that passengers will feel more secure." Netizen Tracy said, improve the comprehensive quality of the car about the network driver, it is necessary for the development of the network about the car industry is also beneficial.

there are also some users reflect the current network about car subsidies as big as before, compared to the competitiveness of traditional taxi is not as good as before. They are worried about the network about the driver to implement the test, no doubt increased the threshold of the car about the car driver, the future may also increase the cost of the network about the car. Friends passing by, said: if the network about the car price, perhaps we can not afford to sit."

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