do you have this idea, not only to express door-to-door, express delivery points, and he didn’t want to go out, if someone is willing to take the generation, although pay a little money and never mind, and this is undoubtedly an opportunity. In the past, the double 11, so that a lot of small partners hey turned over, Henan each big high school express points are lined up in a long queue. At this time, you do not have a moment, suddenly "lazy cancer" upper body: cold haze, I do not want to go downstairs again braved the cold to take delivery?

so, what’s the problem?

[business] think they do not want to take express why not open the company to help others get?

More than 12

11 on 28 at noon, at the Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautics Industry Management (referred to as the "Zhengzhou Institute") a courier Dongyuan restaurant near the school, students gradually to gather here, not for a moment, waiting in a long queue.

work here "express little brother" Xue Yawei said: "the recent one, suddenly took a dozen pieces of express, is said to help students take, also showed me to take delivery of the message, we also checked the phone, after all the express to him."

it is reported that all of a sudden take away so much of the courier, is called a XX run company.

in Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Technology, Henan Daily reporter saw "one of the founders of XX," the company Xue Jing, a senior who is this school.

Xue Jing said he was doing micro business, every day to get a lot of courier delivery points to take delivery, and sometimes would like to have someone to help her take it, and that other people must have such an idea".

said to do it, at the end of last year, with the help of the teacher, Xue Jing started the venture entrepreneurship.

Xue Jing said his company’s location in the province of college students employment and entrepreneurship comprehensive service base, when the original registration of the company, she has not found a similar start-up companies.

because there are policy support, Xue Jing Company’s office locations do not pay rent, the teacher will help to apply for some subsidies, the cost of entrepreneurship is not particularly high, now spent twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan.

[development] there are about 30 people are all college students

now, Xue Jing’s company has its own WeChat public, is to serve the needs of students from the above orders, they put the list to the "running man" and "run women, take an express is 2 yuan, if they express large, depending on the circumstances, negotiate prices, the general price in the 2~10 yuan recommendation