many college students after leaving their hometown in rural areas, to see the city’s prosperity and opportunity, do not want to return home for employment, which is not conducive to the development of their hometown. Can the HEGENSHAN stay in Wuhan made a surprise decision in 2011, he resigned from the teacher’s work, home business as a "College of oxherd".

holding 3 small cattle go at an altitude of 600 meters on the mountain, although some cold weather, but Zhang Guangming warm heart, "did not spend a penny, you can borrow a few cows home, next year the ox gave the child, a year to earn a few thousand dollars, so find a good thing?"

Who is

"the child"? He is called "Hogan, 90 students oxherd".

2011 in June, Horgen taught at the Wuhan Career Academy Software Engineering School of exceptional made a surprising decision: back to Hubei Luotian County Township home Lotus Village cattle with bell.

grew up in cattle on the mountain, after the completion of the University back cattle, father was with Hogan turned face, but he did not therefore change the decision. He said: the biggest difficulty is not the capital of rural entrepreneurship, not the project, not the government’s policy support, but there is no young people in rural areas!"

in November of that year, the HEGENSHAN try to raise 14 cattle. In order to ensure the quality of beef, he insisted that the root does not feed cattle feed, but let the cattle eat the natural forage grass. Start at the beginning, every morning, he woke up a man went to the river root grass cutting cattle, he grind Xuepao hands, covered with calluses, arms and legs was covered with grass cut blood.

No matter how hard