now 80, most of them are just stepping into society or into the community soon, which is also a lot of people who want to venture, we look at how they are starting a business.

80 girls "impulse" entrepreneurship is not steady

entrepreneurial journey every step ahead, plan carefully. The small rural girls in the south of Fujian Province carefully designed every step of his early career. Lin Liufang entrepreneurial experience, seems to be less impulsive, but there is no doubt that her planning consciousness is different from other people starting from scratch entrepreneurial story, will bring a lot of inspiration for young entrepreneurs.

repeatedly turning initiation of entrepreneurial impulse

in the sophomore, studying music education major she received such a part-time tutor: to be a baseless little boy sent electronic piano competition game, and only a short period of three months. Under her careful training, the boy won the second place in the competition.

however, the impulse only apparently did not put Lin Liufang into entrepreneurship. After graduating from college that year, after a period of three months, "20: 1," the brutal competition, she entered a well-known educational institutions in Xiamen, a teacher in the Department of child care. However, because of the closure of the educational model is bound to think of their own ideas, their own professional and post appeared disjointed, three months later, she decisively gave up a monthly salary of more than $3000 in the first job. Soon, entered the Quanzhou local a piano line. In the next month, she repeated every day to answer the phone, receiving students, cleaning such work, not only boring, but also more clearly recognize the art training institutions have a lot of business irregularities. She once again active off".