why is now a lot of consumer spending has always been a state of no confidence, which in fact has a great relationship with the market consumption. However, the current business competition in the major markets are extremely intense, if the service does not work hard, can not allow consumers to be satisfied, this business is how to do it for a long time?

on the eve of the Spring Festival, I went to a store to charge the phone, a door to hear the owner and a female customer in a quarrel, do not sell in order to make money, you should know how to sell mobile phone packages, right? Why do I say that when I asked you, this area is a tariff standard? I installed in the mobile phone launched a mobile phone number, relatives and friends, classmates also inform the my new number, found only in this city is such a standard, then why are you ready to accept either course promised?" The customer asked the shopkeeper excitedly.

call the local area and the city is the difference between 1 hair money, if you did not open I can tell you a refund, now you have used, not back to the card, before you run out of money, you can buy a new number again." The shop owner said.

"do you think it’s easy to change a new number? Identity card real name system to do a good job, and WeChat is also a good application, and all the friends have told, do not tell the truth about the business, just to earn money on the hand it over?" One day I sell so many phone cards, no one came back, you are so seriously, give you 10 dollars of subsidies." The owner is looking at customer than What one says is plausible., frustrated, angry, took 10 yuan of money to counter a rejection.

"isn’t that a $100 card? What’s the big deal, you look at what you are on this attitude, you will sooner or later closed the service." When the customer finished, he turned away angrily, and the shopkeeper muttered to pick up the 10 yuan and put it back in the drawer.

a few decades ago, the shops are very few businesses, as long as the shop is open, in the vicinity of the state is almost a monopoly, service attitude almost, do not have to worry about no business. However, the current competition is so fierce competition in all walks of life is the service, honest and trustworthy to allow customers to rest assured consumption.