education in Shanghai city is rich in resources, as we all know, excellent teachers in Shanghai recently came to Jiangxi Wuyuan, let people see the good teachers at Shanghai city’s help, can let more children to learn knowledge, contribute to the Shangrao City Teachers’ education level, is optimistic about people.

in the afternoon, the Shangrao Municipal Committee, vice mayor Ren Youqun, Shangrao Municipal Education Bureau party secretary Hou Xiaoxian, deputy director Wang Mei, Wuyuan County standing committee, propaganda minister Yu Chunwang, deputy county of Yangtze River Fine Portland, education secretary Wu Xihe accompanied the delegation visit about Ziyang County, a small, Zhang Gong mountain, Merlin and other secondary schools. Subsequently, a signing ceremony was held in Wuyuan the first floor of the hotel hall, deputy secretary of the county committee, county magistrate Wu Yunfei attended the ceremony, and on behalf of Wuyuan county Party committee, county government and 360 thousand tea people a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Shanghai Jingan to the Wuyuan county education targeted aid, twinning.

according to the agreement, Jingan District Education Bureau and the Wuyuan County Bureau of education from the county of basic education development, the education informationization construction, teacher training, cooperative education, teacher-student communication and other fields to carry out comprehensive cooperation, cooperation for a period of 5 years. At the same time, Jingan District city middle school, Zhabei Central Primary School 12 school and Wuyuan middle school, a small Ziyang County Tianyou 12 schools established "one-on-one" twinning relationship.

signing ceremony, Youqun Ren pointed out that the Wuyuan education has made many remarkable achievements in recent years, but because of the small population, mountain area, in the county under limited financial resources of education informationization has been short board". Ren Youqun stressed that the education cooperation has 5 years of cooperation, the two are from primary school to junior middle school to high school, from compulsory education to special education to occupation education, from the city to the mountain school teaching, and strive to achieve a comprehensive. Ren Youqun suggested that Wuyuan as an object to be supported, but also to be active, active docking, practical and efficient work style to do a good job of cooperation and exchanges, and promote the development of Wuyuan education connotation.

we all know, Wuyuan is a mountainous region, as the mountain area, education is a serious lack of resources, the level of education is backward, leading more people to see the support of Wuyuan education is imminent, in the city of Shanghai education power, Jiangxi can believe in the education level of Wuyuan future can rise to a new level.

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