first_imgAll draws, results, ladders and statistics can also be viewed at the TFA Sporting Pulse website which can be accessed using this link: TFA SPORTING PULSE WEBSITEDay two at the Seniors 2006 NTL was action packed, unfortunately the doctor was called on more frequently, three times in one timeslot for popped shoulders alone.MENS 30’S: The surprise of day two in the Mens 30’s division has to go to the Defence Warriors, who held the Scorpions to a 6-6 draw and the Suns to a 4-4 draw. The Defence side will definitely be a team to be wary of come finals time.The Suns may be sitting down in sixth but matched it with the Mets for most of the game, despite going down 7-4. The Suns, like the Cobras, seem to have enough talent to be challenging the leaders but are producing inconsistent results.The Sharks are also lurking, with the Mens 30’s kicking off the day three action tomorrow. The battle is certainly on.WOMENS 30’S: After 6 rounds in the Womens 30’s it is the Sydney Scorpions who sit atop the ladder with 6 wins. They did survive a scare against the Southern Suns today though, their 4-3 win was close all the way and the Suns definitely look like they have the goods to hurt the Scorpions.The Mets sit in third behind the Suns, but will need to lift their defense a little if they want to challenge the Scorpions and Suns.In other quality matches, the Brisbane City Cobras held off the Hunter Western Hornets 3-2, while the Rustlers held off the Barbarians 11-5. Despite the loss, it was a high scoring match, filled with some great dives and team efforts.The Rustlers backed that win up with a 3-1 loss to the Scorpions, restricting their scoring ability but being able to finish it off themselves. The Cyclones also competed well against the Scorpions, a 4-2 loss nothing to be discounted.MENS 35’S: In the Mens 35’s the Sharks and the Mets are leading the way, undefeated after five rounds, and looking strong as we head towards the finals. The Scorpions and Rustlers also look like they have the potential to challenge come finals time, they’re rounding out the top four, look to be well above the bottom four teams and the Scorpions only narrowly lost to the Mets 4-3.In other matches the Cyclones held of the Eagles 6-3, while Geoff Perrin from the Southern Suns and Shannon Brophy from the Sharks are leading the touchdown scorers with six each.WOMENS 35’S: After six rounds in the Womens 35’s the competition is looking fairly even, with the Sharks sitting on top of the ladder despite their loss to the Hornets yesterday.The wins and losses have been up and down with teams above losing to those below, it’s impossible to pick a winner. The bottom placed Rustlers upset the Hornets who had upset the top placed Sharks…do you see what I mean?As the teams face each other again tomorrow, it will certainly be an interesting division,MENS 40’S: The Scorpions and Suns are both at the top of the ladder, undefeated after five rounds in the Mens 40’s division. The Scorpions are being lead by players such as the Cheung brothers and Cliff Lyons. The Scorpions had a good day with 11-2, 13-3 and 14-1 being their winning scores for the day. Peter Stephens is leading the scoring charge with ten touchdowns for the tournament so far.The Suns definitely don’t have the scoring power of the Scorpions, but will be hoping their strong defense can minimise that come finals time.The Sharks and Warriors fill out the top four spots, although the Eagles and Mets have also proven they can challenge for a top four spot.WOMENS 40’S: The Cobras and Scorpions are leading the field in the Womens 40’s, but with the Scorpions inflicting a 4-1 win over the Cobras in the last round of the game, the Scorpions seem to have the upper hand in the division.The Suns and Northern Eagles also look to have the ability to perform in this division, while surprisingly, the Hornets (winless and at the bottom of the ladder) held the top placed Cobras to a 1-1.Once again this is a division where anything could happen!MENS 45’S: The Brisbane City Cobras and Northern Eagles are sitting second on the ladder after tow days, both undefeated, while the Sydney Mets look like the most likely challenger.It was a great day for the ACT, recovering from their two losses on day one with wins over the Rustlers and the Sharks. As the teams head towards the final two days of action, it seems that a mighty effort will be needed to get anywhere near the leading Cobras and Eagles. MENS 50’S: The Hornets have dropped to third in the pool, with the teams above them yet to have their bye and also due to their 3-3 draw with the Rustlers.After winning the past three titles it looks as though some teams may have caught up to the Hornets…it will certainly be an interesting division over the coming rounds!The Cobras are currently leading the way, their 4-2 win over the Suns was an exciting match, while Barry Herbert from the Hornets is leading the competition with 6 touchdowns.The Scorpions and Suns are proving they are no easy-beats in the Mens 50’s division and the competition will certainly tighten up as injuries begin to cause trouble for all teams come the latter stages of the tournament.Keep tuned to the website for all the day 3 action tomorrow!last_img