now society, the majority of women have begun to hold up half the sky, at the same time, there are more and more women out of the house, took the entrepreneurial and rich in such a way that, in the whole society what kinds of projects are suitable for women entrepreneurship.

for woman opened the shop 1, tea shop, juice

juice for her tea shop, shop, in Shanghai, all the year round selling drinks is non pearl milk tea. Today, holding a cup of warm pearl milk tea, while drinking and shopping people everywhere. Therefore, in the streets of Shanghai, "Jack", "three seconds," immediately "cool" and "yogurt" etc. to tea, juice as the direction of the small beverage store more and more. This shop is small investment, no technical difficulty, and a wide range of consumer groups, urban streets, schools, hospitals, parks, theaters, supermarkets can be set up shop operators. It is understood that the tea shop profit margins as high as 50%.

for woman opened the shop 2, wool shop

At present the most popular

for woman opened the shop 3, small convenience stores

A small convenience store

for woman opened the shop 4, health service business