leather leather maintenance is a concern of the industry, because consumer demand is growing, so the franchisee can not ignore this good business opportunities. 2016 autumn and winter season is coming, if you now shop, you can grasp the opportunity to make money. So how should we start investing? Let’s have a look.

according to the owner, leather leather maintenance of existing technology generally divided into two types, one is the traditional way of manual maintenance and renovation. The beauty of the way behind the technology, rough technology, only on the surface of the leather to carry out a simple color treatment, but also in the dress will fade and other phenomena, people can not meet the maintenance requirements. Another kind of leather leather maintenance technology in the city is more popular, but also to adapt to the professional beauty of high-grade leather. This kind of shop is very profitable in winter. In terms of investment, equipment is only 20000 yuan, but also can recover the cost in a winter. Therefore, the store’s investment is very market potential.


1. leather skin care beauty shop without opening in the downtown area, generally open near the neighborhood in the neighborhood, so convenient for customers to take delivery.

2. in terms of service, must be timely collection of leather clothing, to ensure that customers can get clothes in time of need.

3. leather generally only in autumn and winter will wear, and in the absence of the collection of maintenance, for the general people may be a trouble. So, with the customer to establish a certain degree of credibility, can for the customer orders and maintenance of leather.

4. autumn and winter, leather leather beauty shop maintenance business is very popular, once recommended