for a lot of rural children, not admitted to the university will be able to successfully change their destiny, perhaps entrepreneurship is really a tool to change the fate of. Zhang Yan was born in a Guangdong in a remote rural area, had a taste of living in poverty, often do not have enough to eat, wear not warm, the so-called "the poor children early masters", Zhang Yan is also very sensible, academic performance has been among the best, but because of the high tuition fees, so she had to drop out before, in order to reduce the burden on the family. Zhang Heyan to working in the big city.

for rural Zhang Yan, change the fate of poor is her greatest wish in life, to find a way out, she often at night.

a chance to let Zhang to McDonald’s, she was very surprised that McDonald’s a lot of people, have to queue up, and most people will buy ice cream. Why so many people want to eat ice cream? There are so delicious? This business to do their own work? So she bought myself a ice cream cone, and the taste is very good, the skin is crispy and sweet, eat a sweet soft and slippery, now like to feel very beautiful, so she had to make ice cream business idea.

then Zhang Yan pays attention to the ice cream industry, through continuous screening, to the major shopping malls, supermarkets, community survey, also with a returned students chatted about the ice cream market, listen to the students that snow ice cream Karen throughout the year are very hot, often have customers lining up to buy, she felt unbelievable. So they decided to visit a.

came to the snow headquarters in Karen, Wang introduced, Zhang Yan understood the Karen snow ice cream franchise support, snow Karen will provide 360° the full support, the transition from the pre opening preparation period to open early, after a period of time until the opening of the stable profit period, Karen investment headquarters also provides snow perfect technology, marketing, advertising and operations support. Such a comprehensive support to join, let Zhang Yan heart, she strengthened confidence in entrepreneurship.

followed by the help of manager Wang, Zhang Yan signed a franchise contract with the headquarters of the Kokalen. In the full support of the headquarters, half a month later, a more than and 30 square meters of snow Karen ice cream shop in Zhang Yan city business.

Zhang Yan in the snow ice cream shop Karen business process also encountered many difficulties, especially in the winter, ice cream almost facing the closed position, how to do? Karen in the snow under the guidance of the headquarters, Zhang Yan decided to coffee and snacks, plus some western fast food, the whole winter, she is actually the previous season earnings of 1 times, the real implementation of the four profit situation.

business bigger, it will certainly think of open stores, which is recommended