first_imgThe Smooth GradientOne of the safest background techniques that works in almost every situation is the gradient. A radial gradient provides a clean background and has the ability to work the brand’s color palette into any video. Looking for more After Effects tutorials and assets? Check these out.Our Favorite After Effects Tutorials of 2018 (So Far)Video Tutorial: How to Stitch 360 Footage in After EffectsFree AE Templates and Assets to Celebrate 25 Years of After EffectsVideo Tutorial: How to Loop an Animation in Adobe After EffectsAnimate A ‘Top 10 Countdown’ Screen With After Effects ParticlesParticles can be a great way to add movement and small details to your composition. CC Particle World will allow you to have a constant flow of customized moving particles. You can also upload your own vector graphics as particles. Repeated Shape LayersWant to add some designs to your background? Grab a shape from the tools menu and use a repeater to run it across the entirety of your composition. Repeated shapes offer a quick way to add detail to your background. TexturesMotion graphics artists may be accustomed to using .PNG images just as their background. However, with the techniques above, you can use a texture to composite over your pre-made background. This will tie all of the elements together nicely.center_img Custom Repeated Shape LayersUse the pen tool to add a custom shape that looks amazing and follows the style of your brand. You can even grab the outline of a vector file in Illustrator, paste it into a shape layer within After Effects, and then add a repeater. Bonus: Lens FlaresHaving a pre-made lens flare pack can help you dramatically. Lens flare help create depth and add contrast to the overall composition. Be sure to check out Radium from for 120 amazing lens flares elements.100 Loopable BackgroundsIf you are looking for amazing, ready-to-go background assets, check out Canvas on Try these five simple Adobe After Effects techniques to create backgrounds for all your upcoming motion graphics projects.Deciding on backgrounds for motion graphics can take a bit of time, but they don’t have to take forever to create. There are many ways to go about designing your background while keeping it consistent with your main project. This After Effects tutorial covers five different ways to go about creating your background.last_img