now 80, 90 college students, for their own life planning is more practical, entrepreneurship is the choice of many people. No money no experience, college students how to start a business? 22 year old college students, no money to start a business can earn millions.

came to Guangzhou, in order to reduce the burden of the parents, Pan Wenwei not only for school work study, also looking for opportunities to make money. However, when he held 200 yuan purse part-time earn, only to the city to enter the world, the department store of goods and a superb collection of beautiful things "super" Binjiang East real estate so that he suddenly Mongolia, "I want to go to struggle for many years in this city?" So many students still enjoy a leisurely life on campus, Pan Wenwei began to earn extra money, tutor, credit card marketing, selling t-shirts……

2007 at the end of the year, the school open tender some departments of the hospital service items, Pan Wenwei saw the business opportunities. Pan Wenwei first "Mocha enemy". He is from the students of the "buddies" got involved in the bidding companies list, and a customer one by one phone to ask those companies of different quality clothing price. Then, he directly on the Internet to find out the address of some manufacturers, the initiative to talk about business with the manufacturers.

the bid price and supply determined, Pan Wenwei privately to the college reasoned analysis of advantages of their own agency clothing in price and quality to win the impression. On the day of bidding, he was more than one person in the name of the 5 companies involved in the tender tender. Finally, he won the "junior" for decades in business experts, cast the school hospital service project. Although the first hospital service business earned only 20 thousand yuan, but it made him feel the entrepreneurial way.

"If now I just graduated from high school, a society may not need to go back to school to study, the past university dream faded." After 3 days of ideological struggle, Pan Wenwei finally chose to continue their studies, the reason is that the university campus to my wealth is not to buy a good green years". It is understood that Pan Wenwei is busy doing the male version of "Du Lala", write a book about the experience of entrepreneurship.