first_imgPhotos and Video:Your booty awaits. Photo courtesy of LostSailRsX marks the spot! Photo courtesy of LostSailRsThe view from GZ. Photo courtesy of LostSailRsYarrrr better be privy to all the muggles! Photo courtesy of LostSailRs [vsw id=”7ZLpRhBTxds” source=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”no”]Geocache Name:LostSailRs: Uncharted Waters (GC55CDQ)Difficulty/Terrain Rating:3/1Why this is the Geocache of the Week:Getting creative with a new geocache hide takes some skill. Whether that’s just learning the art of how to hot glue camouflage without burning yourself or a bit of woodworking. Or you could take it a step further, like the cache owner of this geocache did and teach yourself HTML 5 and create an immersive geocaching video game experience. The time, effort and creativity that went into the puzzle, the game and the geocache itself are a perfect example of what makes a GREAT geocache.What the geocache owner, LostSailRs, has to say:“I love designing puzzle caches and try to put a lot of thought behind each one.  Some of them are fairly complicated, others, not so much.  But I try to do something slightly different each time.  Currently I am on summer vacation and decided it was time I taught myself something new.  I started to watch hours of YouTube teaching myself HTML5 game design and began implementing the basics into some of my other video-game based caches.  Since I started teaching myself how to make games I had my eyes on doing something to satisfy puzzle cachers of all ranges: Strategy, logic, skill, dexterity, etc… This took about 6 weeks from start to testing.  Every few days I would get it to a playable stage and tell my wife, the Lost in LostSailRs, that it was done, but would wake up the next day and start learning something new and adding it to the game.  Towards the end I started writing and recording the background music and sound effects, and put the finishing touches on some of the graphics.  I sent out a request to our local geocaching society and got some great replies.  After another week or so making changes and fixing bugs it was ready to release.   The idea for the multi-stage final came late in the stage, once I received the containers.  I thought they were so perfect and wanted to make use of the bulk amount I received.  So I added a very simple puzzle/riddle that will take the person straight to the final.  I chose the location because of it’s scenic view and isolation during the weekends.”“We are so grateful to be part of this amazing community of cachers who have warmly welcomed us into the fold this past year.  On Sunday, July 6th, my wife and I celebrated our 1 year cache-aversary.  In that year we have found some amazing hides, clever containers, and friends-for-life.  We can’t wait to see what’s in store for year number 2.”What geocachers are saying:“Really enjoyed this cache. The puzzle was well done and just enough work. Made it to GZ and spent a few minutes thinking through the hints. Thankfully, my daughter made the last connection that allowed us to find the cache.” – PowerDime“Marvelous game, well played from start to finish! …Not having read the logs, though, I was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived this afternoon and found that there was more adventure to be had! I love it when there are unexpected twists and journeys! This one gets a favorite for the concept, a favorite for the game, a favorite for the twists, a favorite for the… WHAT? I can only award ONE?!!! So be it.” – GoldenStateBoy“This was fun, I like it when someone really puts out a clever cache and this is definitely a cache that will get many favorite points. I don’t believe I have done any other caches of yours but I sure will now. Thanks for an adventure.” – oldwood What new skills have you learned because of geocaching? Tell us in the comments.Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog.If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks!Share with your Friends:Morecenter_img SharePrint RelatedConnecting the World With Geocaching — Köln-Seattle Exchange Multicaches (GC1GWEV and GC1H38J) — Geocache of the WeekDecember 25, 2013In “Community”The name says it all. — Director’s A-Mazing Treasure Hunt (GC3Y1GE) — Geocache of the WeekSeptember 10, 2014In “Community”Auburn Sea (GC3QGYZ) — Geocache of the WeekSeptember 3, 2015In “Geocache of the Week”last_img