"hunger breeds discontentment", many entrepreneurs in the choice of investment projects, mostly around the food and beverage in this direction turn, so in the catering industry, the shop has great composition. How to open a good shop also need to explore, in this small series will come with you to analyze.

1, to do face shop, it is best to find office or near the school, you will be the main target consumer positioning in office workers or students, their lunch consumption should be the largest source of income.

2, a noodle shop taste is the key, please a good teacher is more important than what, but also some out of the shop, the taste is very general but surprisingly good business, the reason is because of fame, there is no competition two.

3, in fact, 90 of the area 80? I think big, there is a 30-40 square is very good, one can reduce the rent pressure, and the small shop looks more lively not empty, don’t forget to go off the Wang family.

have previous experience in catering? If not previously exposed, just beginning to try to compress the total amount of investment, as a kind of noodle business, experience is the most important, is completely in a series of detail in profit deduction.

The other is