give a shop name, which words can be used, which words can not be used, these are a certain stress, we can refer to a certain principle to the shop name, also need to pay attention to some taboos. So, what are the names of the Farmhouse Hotel? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze, to see if you are in the name of the shop to pay attention to.

one, can not be washed with the owner

in the Farmhouse Hotel name, one of the most taboo, the owner did not consider that some of its own factors, is purely to name names, the name imperceptibly with their name character from the conflict, after which the store opened up, or is not good business, or is your body suddenly he sent down.

two, can not be washed with azimuth


shop must have their own direction, from the relevant information related to the direction of network numerology, and Farmhouse Hotel name is closely related, a good name can be combined with the range to move toward the East, as you move towards the west, the north will recruit people and property, etc..

three, can not be washed with taboo

because it’s a lot of shops, many common good names are the corresponding natural people out, in order to come up with a special, nobody used the name, many farmhouse restaurant owners will use some of their own do not understand the words, in fact, doing so is not rational, no one will be the whole shop made Feng Shui chong.

four, can not be washed with Feng Shui

finally, we in the shop name above, is devoted to the best teachers please don’t mess up his fortune, without authorization, once the conflict with Feng Shui if it is not a joke, very easy to bring all kinds of an accident, especially open Farmhouse Hotel, in this respect more need to pay attention to.

Perhaps some people say that

now needs to believe science, but many are the traditional thought for thousands of years, is unable to use scientific explanation, but it is indeed of our life and work has great influence, so we have to believe. So, if you want to give the name of the Farmhouse Hotel, do you know what taboos need taboo?