today’s society is based on the economy and material, the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger and bigger, so the idea of entrepreneurial wealth in people’s minds. In this rich and poor society, the idea of entrepreneurship as a virus infects everyone. Love is not a sponsor of the life, but also highlights the human nature. However, at the same time, we also have a lot of obstacles on the road to success on their way forward, so most people walk on the road to work! There are also some people who are not satisfied with the status quo, and strive to succeed in the year after making millions.

with professional knowledge and sincerity, won the trust of many customers, so business on the road is smooth. Slowly he felt the bag to the manufacturers to do, they earn some profits, they can not lift the price too high, if their own into a few machines to produce is not to earn a little more. But only in the hands of the funds that is not enough, so he and his parents said the idea. Poor parents of the world, the child would like to start a business that does not support the truth, so they put all the savings in their own hands out. Finally entered the two equipment, do the documents, his wife with the hired two people began to produce. Although the size is very small, in terms of quality, the very strict, at that time he was the production of the packaging bag is the name of our good quality, so a steady stream of customers. He can still go through rain and wind running out of business, after two years will earn hundreds of thousands.

the cause of his confidence, and plan to expand the scale, buy a piece of land in the north of the city, building. This money has become a big problem for his head, so he plans: the land mortgaged to the bank loans to build plant. Factory set up, and then secured loans to buy more advanced printing, bag making equipment." It was a good idea, and everything went according to his plan.

extension finally completed, in the basis of the original and newly recruited several employees. First of all to give you a warning is the strict quality, quality is a magic weapon of his business, which in his mind the slightest careless. The new starting point, he is still with the entrepreneurial passion in the struggle, however