innovation and entrepreneurship has been the shortcomings of the lack of understanding of the market, resulting in the product into the market can not receive the expected feedback. Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and universities should teach the concept of "ground gas" to students and cultivate the correct concept of entrepreneurship.

to CNC machine tools and other high-end manufacturing equipment "eyes" localization, is the largest power beam Feng and 7 classmates to engage in research and development in the laboratory all through the night.

"the current domestic high-end CNC equipment of the ‘eye’ is absolute encoder, mainly rely on imports." Liang Feng lamented, the absolute encoder imports a 7000 yuan, a resolution of 1um, and the current domestic production of grating resolution for an average of 20um.

2013, Liang Feng and other 8 Guangdong University of Technology, newborn calves tend to hushan. At present, the team has achieved 9 patents, grating resolution they developed for 5um, the cost is only 500 yuan, than the same level of low prices doubled, there are 3 companies will be the results of industrialization.

"achievements are closely related enough to" forage "school." Liang Feng said, in addition to giving them nearly 300 Guangdong University of Technology Laboratory, 1 million yuan of funds to support innovation and entrepreneurship, to their tutor group with 5 "Daniel" composition, among which is the Informationization Engineering of manufacturing industry in Guangdong province expert group, Guangdong University of technology President Chen Xin.

in Chen Xin’s view, innovation and entrepreneurship students only down to earth, eliminate the industry pain points, to get innovation driven "express", so the students work in the school of innovation and entrepreneurship within the walls of his own play, but in the depth of tight butt and progress of local industry development needs.

"construction of these platforms adhere to the" three extension "principle, to extend the collection of international high-end technology and talent resources, extending down a major upgrade demand docking industry, extending activated multidisciplinary school recommendation