this is a true story, the heroine married from three Wang Zhen in the gate of the students after graduation, a husband’s life. When Wang Zhen decided to start a business, she decided to quit her job, came to the three and her husband set up a production and sales of honey company, opened a sweet cause.

character card

Weng Zazhi, born in 1987, Hangzhou. After graduating from college in 2012, she was married to Wang, who was from three.

2013, Wang Zhen decided to venture, engaged in honey processing. Weng Xiaoqin decided to resign, to the three together with Wang Zhen founded the Taizhou bee butterfly language apiculture ltd.. In March 2014, the company officially put into operation, and last year opened the Tmall store.

after more than a year of hard work, in 2015, the company sales of 1 million 400 thousand yuan. Weng Xiaoqin is also in the province was rated college students create a customer title.


a chance, we started the road of entrepreneurship

I’m from Hangzhou, in Shaoxing. In college, I fell in love with Wang Zhen, a three – year – old classmate. After graduation in 2012, we got married. We joked that we are "early marriage", but we are just lucky to meet the right person.

2012, the economic situation is not very good, work is not easy to find. I work in a company in Hangzhou, Wang Zhen returned to the three civil service exam, but did not pass the final exam.

Wang Zhen in the three kiosks next to the town, his uncle is a senior beekeepers, but also with other beekeepers to set up a professional beekeeping cooperatives. Beekeeping is very hard, Wang Zhen’s uncle has a base in Inner Mongolia, if Inner Mongolia did not spend, he went to the base of Changchun or Jiangxi, all the year round, usually only in the new year when a trip home.

2013 Spring Festival, uncle home, chatting with Wang Zhen, Wang Zhen said he had no job, do not know what to do, a little confused. Uncle also talked about beekeeping, saying that their honey is directly to the field of wholesale processing enterprises, low prices, profit margins.

said no, the listener interested. After half a month, Wang Zhen in the online shopping, inadvertently see the high profits of honey. He learned that the wholesale price of honey is twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan a ton, but if the moisture in the honey dry, improve the concentration of purity, and then re filling and packaging, the price can reach $70 thousand, almost quadrupled. Wang Zhen talked to me, and we saw business opportunities.

said he would do it. I quit my job and went on a study tour with Wang Zhen