shop operators, different periods will certainly have a change, for operators, only the choice of a better operating time, to be able to avoid disadvantages, so that the store to get a better operation. The dry cleaning industry, a sunrise industry, has a very broad prospects for development. The improvement of people’s living standards, led to the improvement of the quality of life, therefore, for entrepreneurs, the choice of dry cleaning will be a very good choice to join. However, the dry cleaning shop is also the season of light, as long as the understanding of the operating skills, it can effectively avoid the disadvantages.

1, dry low and peak seasons, the business can make a lot of good season, off-season may lose a lot of business is not good, usually ready to open two or three store money to open a shop, the extra money for the flow and maintenance expenditure.

2, dry cleaning shop operators need to calculate the shop rent, business costs, labor wages, daily supplies, utilities and other expenses.

3, regardless of the season, dry cleaners have to open the customer to join. It takes time for a new store to get customer approval, especially around the house. This is a very difficult time, the customer may be very small, which requires excellent technology and services, the need for publicity.

4, dry cleaners should be properly managed, up and down together, you can earn some; otherwise, it seems a large volume of customers, lose money secretly. How to understand? Some of the clothes must be washed, some must be dry, some are dry, can be washed; if the master is not careful enough in this respect or intentions, the result is hard to say.

maybe because of the impact of the whole environment, now choose venture investors to start their own business after all, too many to count, rich opportunity much more work than others. In short, now most of the friends will choose their own business, but the real choice of a good industry to make money is not simple. Choose to open dry cleaners, at present, not only has a good money, the most important thing is that the market competition is relatively small, for entrepreneurs is very favorable.