is now a lot of restaurants to provide sub food service, however, as a suitable waiter, in the end how to sub food, which is actually a rule can be mastered. So, what is the food and beverage store service rules?

a, the order of the order

catering shop attendant at the food is usually follow the first guest order dishes, can also according to the first guest host, then according to the instantaneous direction are assigned.

two, the use of food tools


commonly used food shops catering waiter tools: food, food fork spoon, long handled spoon, chopsticks etc..

use method is to use the right thumb and index finger to raise food fork, middle finger, little finger in the outside, the ring finger, including the sub dish spoon; fork in the top, spoon in the next clip.

food left hand to hold the right hand holding a spoon, fork serving spoon; the soup, the right hand left hand behind the natural spoon.

three, sub food operation points

Chinese food is divided into three main dishes, that is: on the table sub dishes, walking around the sub dishes, sub table sub dishes of the three.

1. dishes on the table for the table with a rotating table dishes. The food this requirement is: first bone plate on the table for the customer is being used, then the dishes, and then placed the saucer clean. When the food, with the left hand holding the right hand side dish spoon, fork and spoon. According to the number of customers, will be evenly divided into each dish dish. Deliver the bone plate in front of the customer clockwise.

dishes on the table is usually used in the general method of the feast, a little food is fast, but it is easy to interfere with the customer’s conversation, the impact of the atmosphere. At the same time, this kind of food for the waiter’s technical level requirements are relatively high, can not appear to sprinkle, dirty desktop phenomenon.

2. walk around the food needs of food and beverage shop attendant one by one to go to each customer’s side dishes. Asked the waiter left side support dish, the right hand points dish spoon, stand in the customer’s left, waist slightly bent, the dish to get close to the left edge of the bone plate packing, and then food. Note that in order to avoid the spoon sprinkled on the customer body, dish dish into right and left key to exit.

this method is applicable to a large number of large table, or a long table. The advantage is that you can take care of every customer, the disadvantage is that the dishes assigned to the end is not pretty, may affect the appetite of the last few customers.

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