first_imgGuyana NRA’s top marksmen have the Golden Arrowhead flying high along the Gold Coast in Australia, with outstanding performances at the conclusion of Stage 1.The championship has attracted all the top shooters in the world who will be representing their countries at next year’s Commonwealth Games, to be held at this very range. The depth of skills and experience of all these top shooters are remarkable.After the smoke had cleared, the Stage 1 Aggregate saw five shooters ending with scores of 105. However, it was Braithwaite who prevailed with the highest V-bulls count of 14.His 105.14 was ahead of Jim Bailey 105.13 (Aus); Peter Jory 105.12 (Gurnsey); Jacobus DuToit 105.12 (South Africa) and Jan Jonck 105.7 (South Africa).Mahendra PersaudBraithwaite shot scores of 35.7, a perfect score with all shots being in the V-Bull at 300yds, 35.4 at 500yds and 35.3 at 600yds. It was an outstanding day for Braithwaite and Guyana.Fullbore Captain Mahendra Persaud also had an outstanding day and is only one point behind shooting 104.6, with scores of 34.2 at 300yds, 35.2 at 500yds and 35.2 at 600yds.The fullbore marksmen attended this Championship in preparation for next year’s Commonwealth Games and they had also participated in the Canadian National Fullbore Championships last August.The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) has been in the forefront of their preparation along with Secure Innovations & Concepts Inc. The CSF Championship continues with two more Stages and concludes on November 8.last_img