autumn eat stew pot are ready to start chowhound, many investors are eager to start, they would like to open a point to get rich, prior to the start-up to develop a business plan, then the business plan of how to write?

A, high cost accounting of rice in the pot shop open shop how much money

the generally small size of the rice in the pot shop 8-10 million square meters, a 600-800 60-80 table to store high, about 600 thousand yuan of funds, including at least 7 months rent (including the first half of the rent and the amount equivalent to one month’s rent deposit), decoration, facilities and equipment purchase staff recruitment and training, the advertising costs, but also to 100 thousand yuan for capital turnover.

general, open shop environment but also pay attention to cooking. The environment can affect people’s mood, which exerts a subtle influence on the taste of rice in the pot. Previously, the per capita 30 yuan within the people of cooking, often only pay attention to the taste of the neglect of environment, Tuzao soil pot soil depth and the monotony of the shop, and even suppress the dull.

two, enable market survey:

A, high market factors:

Effect of

1 and economic development to enable, including increased consumer demand, to enable the existing high grades exist high shop structural contradictions, social development and national policies and measures for the catering industry plays an important role in the development and the environment change and consumption instability and other major factors.

Effect of

2, the traditional factors of high, which contains a high historical, cultural universality, uniqueness, etc..

Effect of

3 and the surrounding environment for cooking, including the policy environment, such as the establishment of efficient Department security situation, the function and so on; infrastructure, such as road traffic, parking location, water and electricity supply.