first_imgAs part of the intensified supervisory activities, authorized officials of the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration in cooperation with the Customs Administration will conduct intensified inspections in the Zadar County, Šibenik-Knin County and Split-Dalmatia County in the period from July 30 to August 1, 2018. report from the Tax Administration.Through the activities of issuing and fiscalizing invoices, it was noticed that there is still a significant number of taxpayers who either do not issue invoices or do not fiscalize the issued invoices, thus committing the most serious tax violations, therefore report from the Tax Administration that in cooperation with the Customs Administration carry out intensified Fiscalization controls. All measures permitted by law, including the measure of prohibition of work – by sealing business premises, will be applied to taxpayers who are found to have repeated tax offenses and to taxpayers who commit the most serious tax offenses.Fiscalization inspections will be carried out by on-site inspection of taxpayers’ business premises, verification of real-time invoicing via mobile devices and other activities, including verification of computer systems and equipment used for fiscalization.last_img