many consumers may have such an experience, this mouse pad is usually not how things not essential, attention, until the real use, to find don’t know where to go, so I’ll have to buy one, but the style is too simple, so difficult to meet. It is aimed at such opportunities, personalized mouse pad officially come out, and really be able to earn a lot of money.

but 1000 is too small, because of mass production to the production of special mould, manufacturers will not easily take this small order. Just when Xiao Liu frown, a friend suggested why not try online? Thus, Liu in a business website released the production and sale of personalized mouse pad posts, and indeed many people call to consult. Eventually, a company in Pudong, Liu asked them to produce 10 thousand personalized mouse pad, but stressed that the first look at the sample to sign the agreement.

For the next

this order, Liu found several factory, took some samples of high production. When the sample to the customer to see, the other side is very satisfied, and she signed the agreement on the spot. 10 days later, when the first batch of artful design, exquisite personalized mouse pad at the time of delivery, customers repeatedly praise. Liu figured, deduct the cost of themselves in just 10 days of net profit of 20 thousand yuan!

Amoy first pot of gold, Liu Gengjian letter personalized mouse pad has a broad market prospect. Soon, the salesman of the computer city called, the first batch of goods too smart