tourism has become a popular activity in the life of the people, but also accompanied by a series of problems in the process of tourism. The day before, the reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, Suining tourism market in order to eradicate the "unreasonable low price tour and shopping chaos, from November this year to April next year, the city will carry out a six-month special rectification actions involved in tourism shopping market and the unreasonable low price tour, tourism authorities will work with public security, industry and Commerce and the price, net in the letter and other departments to carry out joint inspection of law enforcement, violators will be the top grid penalty!

it is reported that the special rectification action for travel agency and tourist contract, whether or not in strict accordance with the contract without authorization to change the itinerary, travel will be entrusted to the tourist business does not have the appropriate qualifications of the travel agency to carry out three aspects etc.. For shopping, will be dealt with according to law no price tag, fake and shoddy products, or cheating, tax evasion and other illegal acts. In the special rectification, the city will adhere to the "four simultaneous": group travel agency by agency and enterprise management, synchronization of destinations and tourists to synchronize online and offline synchronization investigation, cleanup, concentration and control and mechanism of normal synchronous propulsion.

Suining unreasonable low price special action, violators will be the top grid punishment for the relevant penalties are also out of the standard. Offenders by the tourism authorities ordered to make corrections, confiscate the illegal income, shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, and impose more than thirty thousand yuan to three hundred thousand yuan fine; the illegal income of more than three hundred thousand yuan, and the illegal income five times the fine; if the circumstances are serious, revoke the travel agency business license; the directly responsible personnel in charge and other the directly responsible personnel, confiscate the illegal income, impose a fine of 2 thousand yuan and 20 thousand yuan, and to suspend or revoke the tour card, card.

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